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D-Mannose Cure for Uti

Posted by April on 2/26/2012 to D-Mannose

One out of every five woman suffers from Uti, commonly known as Urinary tract infection.  Among those women several will suffer from recurring Uti infections over their lifetime.  However, there is a simple cure for Uti.

A UTI is a bacterial infection that transpires when bacteria attacks the bodyís urinary tract system. The bacteria multiplies and creates chaos in your body causing such symptoms as pain and burning during urination.  Our bodyís Urinary tract system consist of the bladder, kidneys, and urethra .  Common treatment is Antibiotics Ė in my opinion not always safe and the body eventually creates an immune system against Antibiotics.  A more natural solution would be healthier and easier on your body.

So what causes Urinary tract infections?

  • ∑     Most common cause is bacteria from waste.  Sometimes these bacteria can spread eventually entering the bladder and Urinary tract.
  • ∑     Sexual Intercourse is another common way of contracting Uti.  Womenís anatomy is built in such a way that makes us more susceptible to urinary tract infections during sexual activity.  Bacteria that has collected in the vaginal area is often spread.
  • ∑     Waiting too long to urinate probably one of the most common causes of Uti.  Your bladder is a muscle that stretches holding urine and contracts to release urine.  Waiting an extended time weakens those muscles causing the bladder to not empty completely causing bacteria to form and spread.

Uti is simple to diagnose and not easily missed we don't need a doctor for this.  Trust me, when it burns itís usually infected.  However some of the symptoms include a constant urge to urinate that you are unable to hold or wait.  Often times very little urine is even released (frustrating) and the urge still persist.

Be cautions because if bacteria has spread entering the ureters and spreads to the kidneys often symptoms are more prominent such as lower back pain, chills, fever, nausea, and vomiting could occur.


There is a cure for Uti itís simple and effective

First and foremost if the infection has lasted more than 2 days it needs to be treated either by antibiotics or by natural home remedies.  In this case I am recommending D-mannose Ė all natural simple sugar (glyconutirent) supplement designed to fight and kill the bacteria that have been spreading through your system.  Quick simple and harmless.

Antibiotics as I mentioned earlier work but not at a risk to your health.  Natural supplements D-mannose is becoming the preferred option.  In the recent years studies have been done on the effects of D-mannose.  Similar receptors from the simple sugars of D-mannose have been found to be similar to that of the bladder walls which is what the bacteria attaches to causing irritation.  By the body having a plentiful supply of D-mannose in the urine means that bacteria is able to then attach to the D-Mannose itself and not the bladder walls thus passing through and being discharged as it should. 

D-Mannose has not been one of those supplements we have ever given any thought to yet alone purchase for Uti.  Matter of fact Iím not perfect myself.  As I have been sitting here writing this blog Iíve had to go to the bathroom.  However, I decided to sit here instead and continue to write.  Think about it, we all do this at one time or another.

Keeping a supply of D-mannose on hand and also taking a daily regimen of it will really be beneficial to you.  You probably wonít ever give it another thought because your Urinary tract infections will be a thing of the past and life will go on.

Iím here to say Iíve used it myself and so have my friends and family.  IT REALLY WORKS! 


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