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Expectant Mothers Need more Vitamin D3

Posted by April on 1/14/2012 to Vitamin D3

Scientists recommend women of childbearing age spend more time in the sun in order to get sufficient vitamin D 3.  This being stated because scientist had found that over one-third of mothers and 58% of their infants have vitamin D3 deficiency at birth.   

A case study reported in Reuters of 433 women and 376 newborns, within 72 hours of birth, revealed low vitamin D3 present in 36%of the mothers.  What was so alarming was that in roughly two-thirds of the cases vitamin D3 was considered severe.  In another related article it was found that insufficient vitamin D3 has been linked to sudden cardiac death and rickets in young children. 

Really scary when you think about it. 

We have established that Sunlight is important to our health.  Our bodies convert the sun’s ultraviolet rays into Vitamin D3 and then tell our bodies to absorb calcium and phosphorus.  Other studies have shown that mothers who get the proper amount of sunlight during pregnancy strengthen their children’s bones.

In the JCEM scientist reported that they believe the more time pregnant women spend in the sunlight the more it improves bone growth in their offspring.  The study revealed an astounding result.

However it maybe; Vitamin D3 is Very important and often overlooked.   Vitamin D3 deficiency has been linked to higher risk of multiple sclerosis, more C-sections and stunted growth.    On the other hand good levels of Vitamin D3 can make girls and boys bigger and stronger.  Especially for boys it is known to lower the risk of prostate cancer in the future years.

As mothers we have an obligation to our unborn children and ourselves to take care of our bodies.  It’s not always as easy as they make it sound….just go outside and get in the sun.  Many different situations don’t always make that possible and our circumstances are all different.    The bottom line is still the same though you need Vitamin D3.  A natural supplement (not a synthetic) is the only way to get Vitamin D3 for yourself and unborn child.  The reason I say not a synthetic is that they are made using chemicals and have toxins in them that are not safe for children.  Also the body has to work much harder to use a synthetic vitamin or supplement.

Vital HP understands how important Vitamin D3 is and offers a natural healthy Vitamin D3 supplement.

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