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Krill Oil Benefits

Posted by Derek on 9/23/2011 to Krill Oil

Years of studies have shown that Krill Oil possess a number of powerful benefits. Because of these numerous benefits I believe Vital HP Krill Oil should be included in your daily routine Just a few of Vital HP's powerful Krill Oil Benefits for your health:  cardiovascular health, controlling cholesterol levels, preventing chronic inflammation and arthritic symptoms, strengthening brain function, controlling PMS symptoms, anti-aging, and overall health.


Cardiovascular Health:  AMCN reported that Krill oil can significantly reduce-heart damage due to inflammation.  The study was done by measuring the presence of C-Reactive Proteins (CRP) in the blood.   Understanding CRP levels gives great insight as to the amount of heart damage.  During this study CRP levels were measured consecutive times; once at the beginning, at seven days and then finally at 14 days.  The importance of this study showed that the group taking 300 mgs of krill oil daily significantly reduced their CRP levels after the first seven days and after 14 days the levels dropped an additional 29.7% with an overall decrease of CRP levels of 49%.   It is evident that krill oil does in fact have the ability to reduce heart damaging inflammation.

Controlling Cholesterol levels:  PubMed reported that krill oil helps lower (bad) cholesterol levels.  A study was done using 120 patients with high cholesterol levels.  The study had four groups with two of the groups given different doses of krill oil and the third group given fish oil and the final group given a placebo.  The study successfully revealed that the groups who took krill oil had a definite reduction in their cholesterol levels.  What was so significant was that the group that took 500mg of krill oil daily  not only lowered their cholesterol but did so so dramatically that they had a 300% improvement of their cholesterol levels compared to the participants who were given fish oil.  Do you really think fish oil and krill oil are the same?

Chronic Inflammation and Arthritic Symptoms:  The AMCN shared a study done on the effects of krill oil Rheumatoid Arthritis.  In my opinion, one of the most significant findings that came from this study was that chronic inflammation is the root of many diseases, heart problems and cancers and krill oil plays a huge part in preventing chronic inflammation.  This is a powerful benefit that krill oil possess.  The findings of the study showed that krill oil reduced chronic pain by 28.9% and stiffness by 20.3% all within a short 14 day period.  The findings verified that krill oil prevents inflammation and decreases arthritic symptoms.

Strengthening Brain Function:  A decrease in Omega-3 intake over the years has contributed to cognative brain function decline among all individuals.   Studies reported in PubMed have shown and proven that regular consumption of Omega-3s DHA and EPA, abundantly found in krill oil, can considerably improve brain function such as your memory and central nervous system.  Krill oil has great strength (phospholipid form) in improving brain function more than fish oil due to its ability to cross the blood brain barrier and rid the body of free radicals.  Krill oil unlike fish oil contains a powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin that is one the strongest antioxidants in the world and protects krill itself from free radicals.  This same Astaxanthin is contained in the krill oil and is what makes the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA 48 times stronger than any fish oil on the market.

PMS Symptoms:  Pretty much every woman has PMS symptoms of discomfort, bloating and cramps.  Research, reported in PubMed, however has been able to show a common link between the lack of omega-3 fatty acids woman consume regularly and the occurrence and intensity of PMS symptoms.  A study of 70 woman diagnosed with PMS was organized to understand the benefits krill oil played in reducing PMS symptoms.  Three groups were set-up, first with krill oil, second with fish oil and the third with a placebo.  The findings showed that woman who used krill oil used less pain medications as compared to the fish oil groups.  In addition the study revealed that krill oil greatly decreased dysmenorrhea and depression caused by PMS.  Most important was that krill oil unlike fish oil plays a key role in managing PMS symptoms.

Anti-Aging:  Several ORAC test have proven that krill oil repairs aging cells better and more effectively than other antioxidants on the market today.  ORAC values are used to measure antioxidant strength.  If comparing krill oil to fish oil, the antioxidant power is 48 times more effective.  Research recorded in the AMJN has shown that women who took krill oil for a period of three months had significant improvement in their skin, nails and hair.  The research also showed that these same women had a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.  What was also very revealing was that these women also showed an improvement in their overall energy level and concentration.

Overall Health:  Time and time again we are seeing the positive benefits krill oil is having as far as the improvement of our overall health.  Krill oils benefits of strengthening the immune system, preventing inflammation, improving kidney function, controlling hormone levels, harmonizing mood and emotions,  controlling blood sugar as well as blood pressure, strengthening energy output and so much more.  New benefits are being discovered all the time.


Its my personal opinion that Vital HP Krill Oil is very beneficial and an important asset to our daily diets.  Vital HP Krill Oil is packed full of important nutrients that, as you've read, is significantly valuable to our overall health. 

The choice is yours.  Decide to start making a difference today so that you can enjoy more of your life now and later.

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