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Think you're Healthy....You May be Surprised.

Posted by April on 2/5/2012 to Multi Vitamin

We have now hit the mid- life years 35-45 years of age.  During our yearly physical we are assessed for risk of heart disease and find out either we are healthy and not at risk or the opposite and need to make changes now.

Letís all assume we are currently healthy and believe we are at low risk of heart attack or strokeÖ no need to change our eating habits or start exercising, RIGHT! (I love my hamburgers and French fries)

This common misperception maybe the most dangerous misguided thought you or I will ever have. Thatís right I love my hamburgers, hotdogs, cake and cookies too.  Iím no different than anyone else on this thought.  However, I have educated myself and have started to change my life.

In the New England Journal of Medicine they reported that even when a middle-aged individualís risk was low for heart disease or stroke, his or her lifetime risk could still be dangerously high.  The author actually stated, ďThe majority of adults in the United States who are considered to be a low risk for cardiovascular disease in the near future are actually at high risk throughout their remaining lifetime.Ē 

The reality is that focusing on short term risks may be giving people a false sense of security or in other words permission to continue with some of their unhealthy habits. 

What Doctors and scientist have found is that the risk for stroke and heart disease actually develop in the younger years and often donít show until the middle to latter years of your life.  Often times the signs are their but not recognized as related to heart disease or stroke.  For example, young men who suffer from migraines have been shown to be at high risk of heart disease.  These migraines are actually the body communicating with itself and trying to warn it of a potential problem.

What has been astounding to learn for myself, was that people with two or more major risk factors (such as constant migraines) by age 45 or 55 have dramatically higher risks for cardiovascular death, heart attack and stroke across their lifespan.  Some of the major risk factors that we all know include smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol (even if being treated), and high blood pressure (even if being treated) and one that was not mentioned is a family history of health problems.

Itís important that we must address (reduce) the risk of cardiovascular disease starting at the earliest age possible.  The overall understanding behind this blog is both you and I must do more to lower our risks or prevent risks altogether.  Donít focus on the short term message of ďall is fineĒ, because fine catches up and often time slaps you in the face.

 I donít know about you but I have 4 wonderful children and I want to spend a long life with them and see them grow to be parents themselves.

You already know of two important things that can be done starting right now; eat healthier and exercise.  What I want to focus on for the moment is what I believe is the most important health insurance you need and thatís a daily supplement of multivitamin with phytonutrients.  Thatís right!  Multivitamins are lifesaving viable sources of additional nutrients our bodies need to help fill in those cracks Ė or gaps in nutrients.  Understand itís not a 60 minute walk or jog, taking a supplement is quick and painless and if you take a quality supplement you will notice a difference.  Vital HPís multi-vitamin actually absorbs into your body rapidly allowing your body to use a much greater percentage of the nutrients in the supplement.  You will not find their supplement in your toilet!!!

You hold the key to a better life a better you.  Vital HP is your online vitamin and supplement store that focuses on providing the best high quality vitamins and supplements on the market.  We also go a step much further.  Vital HP also feels itís important to educate on why vitamins and supplements are so important and how they could in fact save your life.

Vital HP your online vitamin and supplement store.

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