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Vital HP - Diet and Nutrition store providing you with the highest potency natural vitamins and supplements on the market.  Nutritional supplements are essential to our diets.  We take our business beyond the everyday health store.  We believe that as important vitamin and minerals are it's equally essential to provide our customers with diet and nutritional information.

Krill Oil Benefits, Vital HP Krill Oil Benefits

Posted by April on 11/11/2011 to Krill Oil

Krill Oil ... found to be a promising viable nutrient ... considered a functional food. (Lipids)   Benefits of Krill Oil are significant.

Benefits have proven strong significant positive results for Cancers, Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Krill Oil....Rich source of Omega-3s  DHA and EPA ... protective antioxidants (Astaxanthin) and phospholipids which all together work effectively to promote our health and well-being.

Krill Oils Benefits are Powerful!

Chronic Diseases Linked to our Diet: Krill Oil Shows Promising Suppressive Benefits

Posted by Derek on 11/9/2011 to Krill Oil
Daily intake of fish (omega-3’s).... Vital HP Krill Oil
Krill Oil shows suppressive benefits...Krill Oil, Krill Oil, Krill Oil
Diets today are clearly imbalanced with higher intakes of omega-6 fatty acids  and little to no omega-3 fatty acids.
This unhealthy imbalance has shown and proven to promote the onset of many diseases.  These diseases included cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

“High Potency without the High Price.”

Suppression of the Autoimmune Disease Lupus: Krill Oil Shows Positive Benefits.

Posted by April on 11/3/2011 to Krill Oil
“Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys.”
Similarities between lupus and other autoimmune diseases...immune system misinterprets the components of the body as foreign bacteria or viruses and works aggressively to attack and eliminate them.

Benefits of Krill Oil potential to suppress Lupus:

Dietary krill oil, like fish oil can suppress the development of autoimmune murine lupus...krill oil, unlike fish oil works directly and rapidly with the body’s cells.  This proves very beneficial when dealing with onset lupus or any autoimmune disease. 

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